A few advice for those who wishing to rent a car in Georgia

A few advice for those who wishing to rent a car in Georgia

In Georgia, as well as around the world, where the tourism industry is developed, car rental is a part of tourism.

Car rental Georgia Tbilisi

As is well known all over the world there are several international car rental companies, such as: AVIS, HERZ, EUROPCAR, SIXT. These brands are also represented in Georgia. They provide the user different classes of cars and production.

But I want to suspend your attention to the local brands that operate in Georgia and the South Caucasus (Armenia and Azerbaijan).

In my opinion these companies have quite a lot of experience working in Georgia. They are quite used to work in Georgia than the international companies. Their experience is very important in the sense that they know what type of the car class and model are more in demand in Georgia, during the car rental. Local companies for many years serve visitors and tourists who travel to Georgia for different reasons and for different geographical route.

Its experience gives companies all possible means to ensure and to fill their fleets just by those cars that fit for the Georgian landscape.

A great importance also have to choose those models that will be cost effective for the consumer, and the same number will be strong for the company. As is well known Georgia and South Caucasus (Armenia and Azerbaijan) have many mountain regions, so that the local car rental companies give customers the high range of SUVs to choose from.

Marketing of these companies is so planned that they rent a car more cheaply. These companies also offer more services of high quality at a low price than the international car rental companies.

I want to discuss a number of companies in Georgia that provide car rental. I studied them and made my conclusions. During the study of car hire companies, I drew attention to several factors.

The first factor was that – in both companies have developed an online service and how to optimize their web pages in the search engines (Google, yahoo, yandex, etc.), more attention is given to the same factor – as is the navigation of web pages and how easy customer can book a car online mode. One of the most important factors in the same way – how modern and sophisticated is the design of web pages.

In Google search to using keywords: rent a car in Tbilisi, rent a car in Batumi, rent a car in Kutaisi – had appeared the first three companies which lease cars were: the company “Concord Motors” (http://concordmotors.ge);
second position was – the company “rent a car Georgia” (http://rentacar.ge)
and in third position – “Naniko Rent a Car” (http://naniko.com).

For me, the study of their sites were discovery.
Design web pages of these companies has been radically different and exclusive. Online booking system cars are very comfortable.

Another interesting factor for me was the range of machines.
These three companies have the same cars for hire in the fleet. Companies offer economy class cars, SUVs, minivans, buses, and business classes cars. The proposed car can be rented with or without driver.

The third important factor when evaluating a range of delivery vehicles and location of branches in Georgia. To my surprise, all these three companies had offices in three cities: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi. Company offered to consumers car delivery to Tbilisi International Airport, Kutaisi International Airport, Batumi International Airport.

The fourth most important factor – it’s low prices for car hire. All these three company as well as in Tbilisi, as well as in Batumi and Kutaisi offers to consumer lower prices than international companies. Prices of local companies is at 25-30% less than the price international companies.

Most cheap of them are jeeps. Rental of these cars is cheaper in local companies than in international.

Rent a car Tbilisi

The fifth factor – it’s their quality in the business of renting cars. I read comments of clients.

Almost all of these users write that companies provide services of high class car rental. All this companies have special offers. Sometimes announce discounts: on GPS, for an additional driver on the seat for children or a big discount price, if the customer takes the car for more than 10 days. All this information I got after viewing sites: www.rentacar.ge and www.concordmotors.ge

And the most important thing is that all these companies have unlimited mileage.

So, I have hope that my advice will be useful during the rental car in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.

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